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advertising balloons
advertising balloons
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When blimps go up, so do the sales! American made Blimps are sold here! Blimps are effectively used to promote a big event, draw attention to a new store or announce a sale. Colorful, customized balloons and blimps can feature your business logo and slogan, branding your business in your community.We're dedicated to bringing you high quality blimps and balloons that will showcase your business.

Our advertising blimps, cost less, weigh less, last longer and look better. Custom helium inflatables are our specialty and bound to catch the customers eyes. Blimps can be fashioned with colorful, coordinating pennant lines that blow in the breeze, drawing attention to drive by traffic. When blimps go up, so do the sales! We are proud to offer you a quality product at a good price. Stretch your advertising budget by purchasing a helium blimp or balloon TODAY!
Advertising balloon - 8ft. balloon with vertical banner advertising balloon advertising dancing balloon
Increase your sales with advertising blimps!

Make an impact in your community by advertising with advertising balloons, blimps, cold-air advertising balloons, advertising inflatables, parade balloons, helium advertising balloons and helium blimps. Increase walk-in business by using advertising blimps. You won't be disappointed! For your next event, trade show, open house, model home, car show or store front, maximize your advertising dollar and order a customized American blimp or balloon TODAY!

Contact us today and place your order for a blimp! We are happy to provide a quote and rendering for your custom made design.
11ft. American blimp with Grand Opening - $725.00. We ship Worldwide!   14ft American made blimp with logo - $1021.00. Hundreds of American made blimps ready to ship today.